And Clash is supposed to be the butt kicking flick. How ironic.

Word on the internet is…to achieve their 1 million USD break even point, the VietNamese marketers for the movie are playing dirty by tricking audiences into buying tickets for Avatar and even canceling show times for Clash. News of this have  been heavily circulated throughout online forums, social networking sites, and even the official website of some big movie producing company causing many to question: Really? o.O

Apparently, it all began with with a comment on Facebook saying : “Megastar in Da Nang is unfair towards Clash. Although it was still showing, the ticket vendor said that it wasn’t and kept nagging me to see Avatar instead. It turns out, this is the advertising campaign to reach Megastar’s 1 million USD goal.” Soon after, many others followed suit with similar complaints when they, too, noticed the same actions from other Megastar theaters in the nation.

A reporter from the movie company in HCMC claims, “When I was trying to buy tickets for Clash at the Megastar theater in Hung Vuong, the vendors insisted that I see Avatar instead and wouldn’t sell me tickets to Clash. After expressing my annoyance & stating that I have already seen Avatar, the vendor finally sold me my tickets!”.

The situation became threatening when criticisms grew even more aggressive: “Megastar only screens American movies and not VietNamese movies…unlike Galaxy! Speak up for our movies!” Amidst the flood of responses, a comment in particular by the nickname “Veronica Ngo” whom people suspect to be actress Ngo Thanh Van (Veronica is her English name), wrote “Thank you for everyone’s support!!! Clash is not screening under a limit and is actually trying to screen as much as possible to meet everyone’s demands. But of course, there are still venues that aren’t screening the compromised amount. Hopefully, supporters for the movie can be patient… in cities, other theatres like Galaxy, Cinebox, and Dong Da will still br screening the movie a full 6 times a day for everyone…”

What’s the real deal?

Reporters went undercover and contacted Megastar’s box offices nationwide to ask for showing times & ticket purchases. Responses were given in full & information exact as shown on their website. Theatres that didn’t have the option to preorder tickets online or through the phone even reminded audiences that  if they want to see Clash, tickets should be bought early since night tickets sell out quickly, especially on weekends.

In hearing the rumors, Vu Phuong, a Megastar media representative, expresses her discontent, “I don’t understand why there are such rumors. Because profits from VietNamese movies are usually always 3-5 times more than Hollywood movies, we’re not so stupid as to reject or discriminate VietNamese films, especially when Clash is a  big one. In the case of Avatar and Clash, Avatar is 3 hours long so on a tight schedule, the most we could screen it is still only 5 times a day compared to Clash’s 90 minutes totaling 6-7 times a day which accounts for more profits.”

Yet truth is, the Megastar theater  in Hung Vuong is currently only screening Clash 4 times a day compared to Avatar 2D’s 9 times a day and its 3D version’s 3 times a day.)

About the case of “canceling Clash‘s showtimes to screen Avatar” in Da Nang’s Megastar, the rep confirms that this did happen but it was because Avatar was being so well received. She added, “It is true that our vendors are told to advertise Avatar when selling tickets to Clash but there were no such nagging or convincing audiences not to watch Clash.”

According to Ngo Thanh Van , “It’s not that they are not screening, but that they are not promoting the film as requested.” The actress will be making an official response on this matter after granting permission from Chanh Nam films.

However, despite the discriminatory controversy, one viewer shared that because he thought everyone else would go see Avatar instead, he did not to think to pre-order tickets for Clash and instead planned to buy it before the showtime. But surprisingly, tickets were still sold out. Another commenter on Galaxycine also stated “If VietNamese movies were promoted properly, tickets would still sell out like normal. Evidence being that Clash is currently up against a big budget Hollywood movie and yet Clash is practically unaffected.