For her part in the lengthy, in-production drama, Co Nang Toc Roi/Messy Hair Girl, actress Minh Khue (from Co Gai Xau Xi/Vietnamese version of Ugly Betty) shared about her antagonistic role, “Da Yen is one of the characters that director Nguyen Minh Chung is most satisfied with in the process of filming these first 50 episodes. To cling onto her indifferent husband (actor Tuan Tu) and to get her ways, Yen is even willing go to commit murder.” But apparently in the end (warning: spoilers ahead), karma will bite her in the ass and the girl will die a tragic death right in her own home. Well that’s no fun….

Minh Khue & her on-screen daughter

Minh Khue & Pham Thuy Duong (Midu’s BFF) exchange threatening stares

Midu on the set:

Midu and  Tuan Tu’s on-screen daughter