The singer turned beauty queen will be tying the knot with her 5-year-long-boyfriend named Nguyễn Anh Tuấn early 2010.

This lucky feller in question is said to be a 2008 graduate from the States with a PhD in Economics and is currently working for a large bank in HaNoi.

After the wedding ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel (Ha Noi) on Jan 3, 2010 (my birthday!), the couple will then return to Saigon to prepare for their wedding reception at the Park Hyatt hotel which will welcome about 250 guests.

Check out the cute wedding photoshoots below:

So the guy might look like your average dorky NerdWorks employee, but judging from these pictures, I’d say Thuy Lam chose herself a sweet & sincere partner. These 2 truly do look like an adorable couple. Best of wishes to the marriage!