No really… that’s what it’s actually called: “…” aka “dot dot dot”…supposedly an ‘inside thing’ with his fans since they would be the ones to notice the titles to his blog entries always end/start with “…”

Besides the album’s vague name which was recently revealed with the release of his first album cover, Noo Phuoc Thinh also expressed concerns over his “stolen cellphone incident”.

“About a month ago while I was walking , someone snatched my cellphone which contained the MP3 files to 8  songs (7 from the upcoming Vol 1 album and the other one was for a commercial). I’ve been worrying…what if the culprit decide to post them all online…my whole year’s worth of hard work in preparing for this debut album would suddenly go to waste. Lately, fans have even notified me of 2 already leaked songs online. It’s not that I’m worried about this affecting sale profits since I will be releasing an Online album soon after, free of charge, but moreso for the leaked track’s bad timing which might coincide with my and my company’s PR strategies for other songs.

Right now, the album’s permit is already granted and the master disc is in the process of mass production so changing the songs is not an option. The only other thing I can do is pray that from this time period to Jan. 7th, no more songs will be leaked and hopefully netizens can restrain themselves from circulating the leaked songs even further. Please  show your support by waiting until the official release date.”

In other news, Noo Phuoc Thinh’s “100% Love You” T-shirt, originally printed just for him and his dancers, are now available for everyone to buy due to fan’s excessive requests … And because they’re goin’ like hotcakes, it was later announced that all proceeds from these shirts will go to the underprivileged kids in the Bình Đại – Bến Tre district instead.

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