While revealing that everyone in his new Tet musical, Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro/Radiant Kisses, has to sing, including himself since he also plays a small supporting role as a reporter, director Nguyen Quang Dung, dubbed “crazy Dung”, shared his reason for not becoming a singer….

…in all jokes of course: “Actually, my voice sounds like Quang Dung’s (Jennifer Pham’s husband), but because he sings better and is more handsome, I became a director instead to avoid the competition.”

Director Crazy Dung then went on to praise actor Phuoc Sang and model-turned-actress Thanh Hang for their singing abilities although it is not their specialty.

Check out the recently released photos from the movie’s chaotic behind the scenes.

Phuong Thanh looks overly excited

Director Crazy Dung

Thanh Hang as a resort heiress

Minh Hang should stick to this cute look.

Suddenly I Want to Cry‘s lead bitch also has a role in the movie.