Vietnam’s representative at Miss World 2009 pageant Huong Giang has been voted as the sexiest contestant by readers of the world prestigious website on beauty, Global Beauties.

With 26 percent of the 12,000 ballots, Huong Giang won the “Sexiest by Popular Demand” title. She also entered the top ten sexiest girls 2009 of Global Beauties, selected by the jury.

Experts will also chose seven beauties representing seven regions of the world.

The “Sexiest Woman Alive” is an annual poll by Global Beauties for contestants of the five biggest beauty pageants in the world: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Tourism Queen International.

Below are the top ten beauties, selected from 440 contestants in 2009:

Miss Philippines – Sandra Seifert (Miss Earth).
Miss Gibraltar – Kaiane Aldorino (Miss World).
Miss Panama – Nadege Herrera (Miss World).
Miss Mexico – Perla Beltran (Miss World).
Miss Australia – Rachael Finch (Miss Universe).
Miss Brazil – Larissa Ramos (Miss Earth 2009).
Miss Barbados – Leah Marville (Miss World).
Miss Altai – Natalia Cherkova (Miss Tourism Queen International).
Miss Bahamas – Joanna Brown (Miss World).

From: VietNamNet