If you guessed Bang Di…then WRONG. I mean.. she’s in the MV too, but as the victim rather than the one getting her flirt on with Dai Nhan as shown in the picture above. The third wheel in white is actually Sam, our teen presses’ ultimate “it” girl.

Though no longer reigning as the Fashion Star, seems like the girl won’t be stepping away from the limelight anytime soon.

That being said…. Yes, Dai Nhan & Bang Di will be releasing a music video for their latest hit single “Het Yeu/Stopped Lovingsometime later this week–two days before Dai Nhan and Hoa Mi‘s duet album, “Buoc Doi/Stepping Together” officially hits the net (which is “at the end of the week” so I’m assuming the MV will be released Friday-ish?).

Check out the song:

And the photo teasers:

Sam takes part in another love triangle.

Someone is NOT happy.