For Teen Princess & the 5 Brave Generals that is.

Like every other popular flick with some kind of romance involved, it’s usually the “innocent first love” or the “through-thick-and-thin-love” that tends to get all of us girls going “aww”. Well. The clichés continue.

Before there was a famous, rich & spoiled Britney Bich (Bao Thy), there actually once was an elegant ao-dai-wearing Britney Bich who happened to be the first love of a spiffy young lad in uniform named Tam (Chi Thien). Though supporting Bich’s dreams of becoming a singer, Tam was divided between his own wants of having her nearby or having her leave to pursue music. And after she did leave, it was him that noticed her gradual changes…yet it was also him that reminded her where she came from.Make that 6 reasons why I have to see this. I like my men in uniform.

The anticipated comedy will hit theaters nationwide sometime in February.