Make that Dong Nhi and Thanh Tam.

Yesterday afternoon (Jan. 9) at the Maison de Dorly cafe,  Wanbi officially celebrated his 23rd birthday with close fans, friends, and family. With Dong Nhi and Thanh Tam’s sudden appearance to wish their friend a happy birthday, Wanbi was very surprised and shared, “I’m very happy to have so many people remember my birthday. Everyone’s support is what keeps me walking on this road. Thanks to my mom for always being with me, giving me strength , following my every footsteps. Thank you everyone, those who have helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. And of course thanks to my FC for always supporting me.”

Dong Nhi and Thanh Tam are now artists under the same roof.

with Phuong Ngan (Thy Thy from the TV series "Thu Ba Hoc Tro/Third comes students")

Wanbi, mom, and sister Mimi