Meaning…No singing for her just yet.

Instead, you can catch her every Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM (VN time) on VTV3, in the recently aired 22 episode long series called Ba Noi Khong An Pizza/Grandma does not eat Pizza produced by Rubic.

The show is about a clumsy 80 year old grandma (Le Mai) who 1. doesn’t  hear well 2. doesn’t like eating pizzas 3. doesn’t use cell phones, and 4. only let the sweet/cute girls into her house; the pretty long-legged ones can wait at the door.

With such an old-fashioned personality, she even convinces her grandson, the 8x Tu (Danh Tung), into a “pious contract” where he must live with her. In exchange, he will get to live in a nice villa and receive a monthly allowance. Now that’s what you call ‘conditions’. I would fly right over.

But of course, life is unpredictable and problems will begin to introduce themselves.

The show, which started airing Jan. 3, is said to highlight conflicts caused by today’s large generation gap in families, though still promising lots of fun for viewers.

Trang Phap (far left), Danh Tung (middle)

So really Rubic, is it “ba noi” (paternal grandmother) or “ba ngoai” (maternal grandmother)? Cause I mean, yea, it must be really hard for such a big company to be consistent with naming things nowaday.