For the first time in VietNamese movie history, audiences will get to experience an “Alfred Hitchcock” kind of mystery flick, naturally domestic-made. Inferno is a new upcoming project by American-Vietnamese director/producer Victor Vu, recently known for his first successful movie called Passport to Love which was launched mid 2009. “Inferno” began filming on Dec 28th 2009 and will take approximately 5 weeks to complete shooting. The  in-production movie promises to be an even bigger success than Vu’s previous movie Passport to Love by thrilling audiences at the big screen this summer.

Inferno tells of a mysterious story revolving around life’s biggest pain-in-the-ass rule: KARMA. It begins with a scene of a man who was severely burnt from a car accident. He survived the accident though suffers from amnesia. His name is Manh (starring Tran Bao Son)–a wealthy and powerful man. He was then told that the beautiful Trang (Vu Thu Phuong) is his wife, a man named Bao (Dai Nghia) is his best friend and, last but not least, a woman full on pride – Mrs. Kim (Diem My) – is his mom.

Vu Thu Phuong (from Cô Nàng Bất Đắc Dĩ/A Woman Not by Choice)

Diem My (from  Có lẽ nào ta yêu nhau/Maybe We Love Each Other)

In addition, Manh also has some business partners in the underground world with Hung (Binh Minh). However, it didn’t end there; his most mind-boggling discovery is that some mysterious lady creeper (Tang Bao Quyen) is stalking him.

Tang Bao Quyen (from Passport to Love)

Having to depend on others to fill him in on his own past relationships/life, Manh finds himself extremely lost and confused, though secrets are beginning to unravel. The past and future are all merged together. In the process of trying to recall his memories and mend his broken life, Manh uncovered the scariest secret to his true appearance and,  ultimately,  the cause of his accident.

Tran Bao Son (from Huyền thoại bất tử/The Legend is Alive)

On Jan 4th, 2010, the movie crew held a press conference at the Sheraton Saigon hotel with the presence of director/producer Victor Vu and his movie’s 8 main actors/actresses: Trần Bảo Sơn, Vũ Thu Phương, Tăng Bảo Quyên, Hứa Vĩ Văn, Bình Minh, Đại Nghĩa, Diễm My and Đức Thịnh.

Vu Thu Phuong

Binh Minh (Passport to Love, Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait)

Tang Bao Quyen (middle)

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FYI: Who is this Victor Vu person?

Victor Vu is a director/writer and producer of a few Vietnamese movies. He was born and grew up in South California. Victor pursued film production and graduated with a Bachelor of Art at Loyola Marymount University. His very first movie “Firecracker” not just got him a degree but also got him “The best short movie” award at Hamptons International Film Festival and Newport Beach – International Film Festival. He started his career by directing music videos for well known oversea Vietnamese singers. He was also a member of image effect crew for a few well known movies such as “X-Men”, “Contact” and “Starship Troopers” for 5 years before he started making his own movies.

When he was 24, he directed and produced a first movie called “First Morning”. This movie got the “Best Movie” award at Asia-San Diego Film Festival. His follow up movie called “Spirits” was complimented to be “a sensitive, clever and artistic ghost story; a unique movie with full of power…” It was also launched at Bangkok International Film Festival, Hawaii IFF, Fantasia Montreal and Singapore. “Spirits” was published by Monte Cristo entertainment, New York. The third movie was also his first movie in Vietnam “ Passport to love” ; belongs to romantic, comedy genre. This movie got the Golden Kite award in 2008 and “The Best Supporting Role” for Kathy Nguyen.