On  a recent session of Chat With Stars featuring VietNam’s music diva Phuong Thanh, the singer reveals that her nickname “Chanh/Lemon” simply came from the fact that someone once misspelled her name replacing the T with C (Thanh to Chanh). Finding it funny and befitting, her friends have called her that ever since. (@ 3:52)

Miss Chanh then continued to share some more info on her “The Best Tinh 2010” album.

As for Ung Hoang Phuc whose nickname is more questionable–“Oc tieu/pepper brain (?)”, the singer revealed on Live radio, XoneFM, that his nickname derived from an unusually late growth spurt.

Up until highschool, 12th grade, I was still the smallest kid in class. Smaller than even the smallest girl at that time….after graduating and moving to Saigon (he was training to become a singer at that time to join boyband 1088 with other members like Vân Quang Long, Điền Thái Toàn, Nhất Thiên Bảo, Nhật Tinh Anh), within 2 years time, I went through a surprising growth spurt. And then after joining the company, my manager was like “he’s 18, 19 years old? his face looks like it can eject milk  like a 13 year old’s (meaning he still looked too young).  Since then she began calling me “Oc Tieu” which just means little and it stuck with me till now.