Aw shucks.

1-      The groom is Thuy Lam’s first love:

Through their mothers’ arrangements, Thuy Lam and her husband Anh Tuan first got acquainted after Anh Tuan revisited the motherland for summer vacation; she was 17 back then. It did not take much time for them to realize that they had a lot in common. Anh Tuan continued studying abroad in the States while Thuy Lam (escaped) went to German and (escaped again) came back to Vietnam. She joked that their “love fee” was not spent on the typical roses and teddy bears, but instead on massive phone bills.

2-      Over 5 years of love:

Just like everyone else, their relationship has also been a roller coaster ride. After she was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, the beauty queen officially surfaced the press as a scandalous hot topic. Anh Tuan, therefore, was sometimes not too happy about it. Their love continued to face complications when Thuy Lam decided to be a professional singer. However, the groom is still very understanding and supportive of her profession.

Her rumours with Vinh Thuy (far right) was one of the most talked about in 2008. Apparently, they're only really good friends. Thuy Lam's mother (in the ao dai) even calls Vinh Thuy "son".

3-      Anh Tuan did not romantically propose

Unlike the romantic fairy tales in movies and novels, the PHD groom did not even prepare  a ring  or flowers. He brought up the marriage talks to let her think more into it.

It is said that people who work with numbers are usually very inverted and not romantic. However, Thuy Lam found in him a straight-forward and honest man. Isn’t that better than all the flowery words? (Though I’m pretty sure most women love with their ears.)

4-      The “big day”

Family members and close friends from both sides of the family came to celebrate with the newlyweds at their wedding in HCMC. Thuy Lam got to wear 3 dresses on her wedding day:  a traditional dress “ao dai” from Thuan Viet, a wedding dress, from overseas, and the last one is a custom-made dress designed  specifically for Lam by her younger sister.

Thuy Lam's younger sister at the wedding reception desk and Vinh Thuy signing the guest book.

Before the wedding reception in HCMC, the wedding ceremony took place in Hanoi, the groom’s home city. The couple spent 5 days taking wedding photos at various places in northern Vietnam.

5-      After the wedding, the newlyweds will settle down in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Thuy Lam will be the big daughter in law of his family. Anh Tuan also has a younger sister whom  she is very close to, therefore, she will have another buddy around. Mrs. Minh Hang, Thuy Lam’s mom is very satisfied with her daughter’s housework skills, especially in cooking.  The most valuable lesson she passed down to Thuy Lam is: “Sharing and understanding is the key to a happy family; a good wife must be patient.”

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