In an end-of-the-year poll conducted by the online source NgoiSao, nearly 22 thousand netizens have cast their vote and (as if everyone didn’t already predict it) on-screen couple Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen raked in a whopping 10,423  votes, that’s 47.5% out of the other 5 choices. Although never confirming their off-screen relationship, that evidently was enough to keep everyone’s interests. Our eyes were PEELED. We WANTED to know. We GOOGLED our fingers off….and got nothing.

Following the so-labeled “VietNamese Brangelina” couple, in 2nd is the so-labeled “Vietnamese Vic-Beck” couple– singer Thuy Tien & striker Cong Vinh with 7,720 votes (35.2 %).

As for actress Vu Thu Phuong and singer Tuan Hung who took 12.9% of the votes, all we really heard of this ex-couple (they used to date back in 2008) lately is this one steamy but staged kiss for the “DeAndre Night” fashion show.