Model Trang Nhung is tearful over a recent photo shoot gone awry. Revealing pics from the shoot were anonymously leaked onto the web and has even spread to several magazines.

So what happened exactly?

During an outside photo shoot, due to the chaotic surrounding and time crunch, Trang Nhung experienced a huge wardrobe malfunction when one of the straps of her dress came undone and exposing the left side of her chest. Although the incident occurred in mere seconds, a bystander with good timing just happened to be camera-ready and managed to capture every bit of it.

It’s still a mystery who took the photos and how much profits they received from it, but the pictures were said to have come from a professional camera which made many believe it was all a-not-so elaborate plan. The pictures have been a hot topic among the press and online forums. Regardless of everything, the model have chosen not to pursue the matter. She hopes her silence will lessen the hype and allow the “shameful” pictures to slowly disappear into oblivion.