Alright, so it was actually yesterday, but we were just too busy to bother dedicating a whole post to ourselves. But, now that we are; guess what? We’ll even let ya’ll in on some exclusive behind-the-scenes stats!

But first off, we just want to say *cue corny speech* thank you for visiting. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for making us laugh. Thank you to all of our contributing authors. Thank you for making this blog a community channel rather than just a pair of teens rambling on about nothing, everything, whichever.

If it’s one thing we’ve learned from just our commentors, it’s definitely that ya’ll can be some kinda FIESTY.Β  But no, really, it amuses us. As long as it’s not in some longΒ  & wild rampage, assaulting us on our grammatical errors and punctuation marks (it happens!), we do read each and everyone one of them. And we do appreciate your kind words, even the lesser kind ones (believe it or not). πŸ™‚

ANYWAY. On to the the better dish.

Each time you visit our website, your clicks actually contribute to this at the end of every day/week/month:

And the article with the most views?

Jeeze Elly, thanks...?

Summary Tables:

And looky here:

VietChannel was featured on the 18th issue of AsiaLife magazine!

Yes, we are pop culture-obsessed Viet Kieus from the US. *B & L high fives*