One could be considered “Vpop’s first ever male superstar” while the other was recently titled “Favorite Actress of the Year”. Besides being very successful in both of their respective fields, what could these 2 possibly have in common, right?

According to their expected personality traits, both should apparently be “patient but short-tempered, calm but rebellious, petty but noble, fearsome but affectionate, free spirits but fiercely territorial.” Indeed, Tang Thanh Ha & Lam Truong are tigers–one of the most dynamic signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Here are some of their thoughts on the coming ‘Year of the Tiger’ as well as a quick reflection of The Year of the Ox.

Lam Truong (1974):

“Because I’m of Chinese descent, we are very superstitious; we have to pick a good day to do important things. Tigers have no luck in love? I started a family at 30 (2004) which is right at  the year of “tam thập nhi lập” (a traditional idiom literally meaning men/nhi at 30 yrs old/tam thập should develop/lập a family and career) so that’s quite debatable.”

Last year, the balladeer, co-starred in his first ever TV drama Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc, in which he received both positive and negative feedback. Truong shared some opinions on his own role: “Audiences only give comments when they care. This drama is a Vietnamese adaption; therefore, to make it 100% as good as the original one is very tough. Honestly, the TV drama took a lot of my time, but I already rejected to feature in director Vu Ngoc Dang‘s Bong Dung Muon Khoc once, so this time I tried to use my spare time to give it a shot.”

This past New Years Eve., Lam Truong’s new CD-DVD “Con Duong Tinh Yeu/Road of Love” has officially hit shelves nationwide and just in time for the celebrations of his zodiac year. Truong also reveals that there will be much more to come this year.

Tang Thanh Ha (1986):

Our tigress’s personality is somewhat as stubborn as the characters she plays on-screen. Thus, she plans to treat this year just as she treats every other year, only focused on her career. The  year of the Ox has passed and she has found  stable footing in the entertainment industry though only choosing to appear in a few scenes of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc due to her respect for director Vu Ngoc Dang.

As for the rest of her time, Tang has concentrated on her school work at RMIT. However, 2009 was a year full of  foreign opportunities for her. She was invited by the Australian Ambassador in Vietnam to be their Good Will Ambassador. Besides, she was also the face of Audi A6. In representation, Tang received a brand new car, herself. (LUCKY!!)