The untold tale of 2 star-bound lovers is finally revealed!

Except it wasn’t that dramatic.

1- The live show:

Dang Khoi was happy about the result of his live show though, money wise, he gained no profits. Many reporters also called him in curiosity of his liveshow plans; it was out of their expectations. He also said, with the current regression,  it seems like Dan Truong and Dam Vinh Hung are the only two names that can reach break even. Dang Khoi refused to give the exact number of how much he lost but had Mobifone not help sponsor the concert, he would’ve lost 1.3 billion VND (70,200 USD) in total. Dang Khoi and Dan Truong, now in peace after the whole “Who Can Be the Taiwanese Tourism Ambassador” sha-bang, also performed together on stage as close bros. In addition, the random guest of the night- Dam Vinh Hung  who apparently was not even invited, showed up at the very last minute to God-knows-why reasons.

Dan Truong & Dang Khoi at liveshow

DK & Dam Vinh Hung

2- Dang Khoi & My Tam had history!

So is it true? Yes. They decided not to publicize this thinking that it would be  better for both. Back in 2000-2001-ish, My Tam was still only in the process of making her way up to the top while Dang Khoi was already a member of the New Stars band. At the time, he was also a high school senior in Hanoi with some star-status  to his name thanks to composer Ngoc Chau’s help. He and Tam met for the first time at a music concert in Hanoi where he first witnessed her singing. When they finally met back stage, the only word exchanged was “Hi”. Their second meeting,  also at the Central Theater in Hanoi, proved to be more productive when by then, Dang  had already developed “feelings” for this cheerful, naive and lively girl. He was apparently “inspired by her emotion-filled voice”.

3- Then it was love:

After a year of being good friends, they officially took the relationship to another level. Dang Khoi reminisced that during the time they were dating, My Tam also got to debut at the “Duyen Dang Viet Nam/Charming VietNam” concert. Dang Khoi flew from Hanoi all the way down to HCMC just to support her.

4- The love did not last long:

It was 4 months long, but it was still a good 4 months together. They were both young and immature. He admitted he was envious and fond of surpassing others and rushed into a relationship with My Tam while he did not have a strong base to support their love. Though the relationship was short, it was real because they were not very famous back then. Even though they are no longer together, they still want to be each other’s best friends. One thing that is very regretful is that because of moving back and forth between Hanoi and HCM, he lost everything related to their relationship ship, especially when his house in Hanoi burnt down.

5- The post relationship:

People wonder why Dang Khoi did not bring this up to the media  before to get more  public attention when My Tam’s diva status peaked. He refused to do this because he did not want to use her to get to the top and also it would have affected her career. He does not want to do any harm to her because at heart, he always wishes the best for her. He also mentioned that he is not necessarily bringing this up now to get more fame because if so, he could have dished the hot gossip before his live show to get more sales.

6- Would My Tam react negatively to Dang Khoi’s statement just as she did with Ha Dung’s (Near the end of last year, Ha Dung made a comment in an interview claiming responsibility for her fame  back when she was nothing. My Tam, offended, responded to the media that this was far from the truth and Ha Dung should be more careful with his words. The 2 battled it out via the press for nearly a week, headlining them practically everywhere)?

Dang Khoi honestly does not know if this story will turn out like Ha Dung’s situation, but he only wanted to share a tiny part of his lovely memories. He did not make anything up. He thinks that if My Tam ever reads this, she will not respond negatively as she did to Ha Dung.

7- What has he learnt from it?

He realized loving someone in the entertainment industry like himself is very hard and even harder when trying to keep the relationship going. Therefore, he decided it is better not to be romantically involved with his colleagues.