According to the 9th annual fashion poll by the prestigious Style VN magazine taken January 15th, Ho Ngoc Ha is the Most Fashionable and Most Impressionable Dresser of 2009.

Of those who participated in the poll, 39 were journalists and 8 were fashion designers.

Whether or not it was by careful selection, personal tastes, or just event-based outfits, the singer apparently swept the majority’s hearts away with 75% of the votes in the “Most Fashionable” category and  60% in the “Most Impressionable” category–a big feat compared to the other familiar names.

The win, though, was not too surprising considering Ha is almost always present at every event and concert. Logically thinking, the more you photograph, the more you would leave an impression, right? Ditto. Ngo Thanh Van sure would know. By a whopping 87% of the votes defeating strong competitors like Hồ Ngọc Hà, Tăng Thanh Hà, Linh Nga, etc..,  the Clash actress was practically given the “Most Stylish” title.

Lastly, the organizing committee declared actor Binh Minh as the “Most Sophisticated Dresser” with 53% of the votes.

All nominees in each category were selected based on a positive public image. Those with questionable scandals were left out of the poll.

Model-actress Phi Thanh Van, Vu Thu Phuong, and singers Ho Quynh Huong and Thu Minh were among the artists who received a large number of votes for the title of Worst-Dressed Artist. This controversial award was not given this year.