…with her new steaming hot photo-shoot from a recent issue of Golf & Life Magazine.

According to the actress, she only wanted to see something new, different, and besides her usual “good girl” image.

Bobby Nguyen, the famous photographer behind Thuy Top and Hoang Thuy Linh‘s debut photoshoots which practically skyrocketed the ex-biffle’s names to stardom, was also the man responsible for Diep’s shoot idea & concept. After so many years of maintaining a constant “good girl” look, Bobby’s new approach for her was like the final enticement to pull the trigger. Diep decided to give it a shot after long contemplations. However, she does not think that this is a PR strategy for her to polish her name in the industry but rather a needed change that’s finally happening.

The art director’s purpose for this shoot is to veer away from the  daily graceful look that audiences have come to recognize Diep with. From the make up to the wardrobe and to the poses, she fully transforms into a sensuous woman with inner prowl. Check out the photos below: