… Or so it was worth that much when she sold it to a fan!

On January 17th at the MTV Club during the “Nhip Tim/ Heartbeat 2010” charity event, stars auctioned off many personal items to fans to help raise money for underprivileged patients at the Ung Bướu children’s hospital. Items like bracelets, a watch, a bottle of perfume, a t-shirt, etc were all up for bidding; though the items weren’t luxurious high-end valuables, they were still our singers’ very own cherished possessions. Both, audiences and artists, were very excited to begin the bids.

One loyal supporter in representation of the Mobel central branch (Minh Hang used to be their cellphone spokesperson) even won the little number above for $26 million VND (1404 USD).

The Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc actress was then crowned the the night’s biggest winner.

Runner-ups included:

1. Cao Thai Son and his wooden Statues
2. Ngo Kien Huy’s rings and necklaces
3. Quang Vinh’s posters
4. A cruise around town with Ung Hoang Phuc in his sexy red ride (Sold for$1000 USD! Although, he still  lost to a dress)

Dong Nhi’s watch was sold for 3 million VND.

Bao Thy’s bracelet was sold for 3 million VND.

Wanbi Tuan Anh’s circus hat was bought by a cute little boy for 900,000VND.

Noo Phuoc Thinh & his signature “100% Love You” shirt.

In the end,  everyone together raised a total of 70 million VND (about 3780 USD). But because all proceeds are going to the children’s hospital, our biggest winners were actually the patients. ^^

(article by tmai and phoenix)