Yes, he really kissed her.

On Jan 16th, Tuan Hung held his 2nd major live show called “Boundary and Love” marking the 10th year of his singing career. Unlike other live shows, his opening performance began with a warm conversation to express his appreciation for fans and colleagues, making the night a much more intimate experience between him and his audiences. With performances of well-known hits like “Reu Phong”, “Dem Thi Tham”, etc… Tuan Hung passionately sang each word  via his strong, raucous timbre. But because Hung already poured most of his strength into just the beginning, his voice grew weak towards the end of the show.

Also, audiences did not quite get the message that director “Crazy” Dung and his crew was trying to deliver by naming the concert “Boundary and Love”. Most felt the ‘love’ through Hung’s songs, but what exactly was the “Boundary”? – Audiences were left puzzled even after the show ended.

Nonetheless, it was a very successful night for Tuan Hung; many guests and colleagues came to cheer him on. To others, they might simply be people who perform with him onstage; To Hung, they are also good friends in real life. Unfortunately, that did not mean every collaboration was Ace. Minh Hang, whose first time singing with Tuan Hung, could not quite deliver the feelings in his hit “Cau Vong Khuyet“. It was not until the performance of her own song “Mot Vong Trai Dat/Once Around the Earth” that audiences could finally sense her presence. Meanwhile,  the tables seemingly turned as Tuan Hung was deemed not fit for “Once Around the Earth”, when compared to the previous male singer, Tim, who along with Minh Hang made  this song a HUGE chart-topper. The same problem occurred in his duets with  Phuong Thanh and Hong Ngoc. (Hmm, did they not practice first?)

Tuan Hung surprises Minh Hang with a friendly "thank you" kiss.

The best collaboration of the night went to Hung and the “Tay Nguyen nightingale” Siu Black, whose performance of “Neu Dieu Do Xay Ra/If It Happened”  near set the stage on fire with their flammable strong voices.

Siu & Hung lures audiences into the song's familiar melody.

As for the finale, Mr. Dam invaded yet another live show uniquely dressed in his 1-0-2 (check glossary) “all eyes on me” style. Sharing the spot light with Tuan Hung, they wonderfully performed big hits such as “Tinh Yeu Lung Linh”, “Di Vang Cuoc Tinh”, etc…

“Boundary and Love” is Tuan Hung’s biggest live show up to date since his move to HCMC. Though there were still minor flaws and mistakes in the show, that definitely did not stop our northern singer from performing his heart out.

Beat boxer Minh Kien

Le Quyen (right)


Phuong Thanh (left)

Anh Bang (left)

Duy Manh (right)

Tuan Hung and mom