The media is recently abuzz with rumors of a separation between this  happily married couple Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham. Some newspapers did not give a conclusion about the relationship, but only dig into the “he/she went to this/that event alone”.  Other websites emphasized on the question: “Are they going separate ways?” It all, in some way or another, hints that there must finally be something wrong with their “perfectly flawless relationship”. Nonetheless, there has been no official response from these two.

In mid-2009, the couple always showed up at parties and events together. Sometimes Jennifer and Dung would even perform onstage together to help entertain the night. Their “ideal marriage” plagued the press: They celebrated their son’s one year birthday; Quang Dung bought a new car, their European trip in September, etc. Looking at their “madly in love” pictures–the talented husband with a beautiful wife and an adorable baby, fans can’t help but admire the happy family.

However,  paparazzi have recently been catching them flying solo at many VIP parties. During the Christmas Party at Villa FB (24/12), Jennifer Pham came sans Quang Dung; Her partner of the night was super model Duc Tien. Jennifer and Duc Tien had a small performance for the night and Duc Tien suddenly gave  our former Miss-Asia-USA-in-Cinderella-costume a little friendly peck on the cheek in public. Also at the grand opening of Narabeen restaurant and model Trang Nhung’s Yogurt shop, Jennifer came with only Jayden (her son) and no husband in sight. On the other hand, at the celebrations for Ha Anh Tuan’s new company’s, Quang Dung showed up alone. These details incited  everyone’s curiosity on their marriage status. Some even said they are not wearing wedding rings, while others believe that they only sometimes go separately to keep their relationship fresh and interesting. With the rumors floating around, one journalist contacted Quang Dung for more information but was rejected, “Right now, I don’t want to talk about anything.”

Regardless, they seem to maintain their marriage well. Quang Dung has always tried to be a better father to his son and a better husband for Jennifer. He said they are both busy and constantly have to be away from each other; therefore, if any problems occurred, the best way to solve conflicts between them is to stay calm and talk it out. Likewise, Jennifer Pham always praises her husband and their happy life. She also mentioned in one interview that they are planning on having a baby girl soon. Besides, she also plans to step into the entertainment industry as a singer/actress. She  recently tried out for a movie and is now awaiting the results. If it’s’ a “yes”, this will be her second movie since Nhung Chiec La Thoi Gian/Leaves of Time – the movie that brought Quang Dung into her life. Fans are also hoping that her next movie will not come with any shocking news.