Playing favorites already??

A while back, the press managed to interrogate Phuc into revealing why he specifically scouted Huyen Baby, Hanh Sino, and Trang Phap. Now, they’ve been enlightened with even more info on who we should probably keep an eye out for most.

When asked why the sudden urge to promote others instead of just himself, Phuc replied, “I’ve said it many times before. My company also needs to select singers to further develop. Stumbling across these 3 was also just a lucky coincident. I met them, talked to them, and felt that they had the quality and potential to make it big. Therefore, I invited them to join the company. Later on, there will also be more singers from Saigon, not just Hanoian hotgirls.”

Phuc continued to share about his trainees, “They have all taken part in many showbiz-related  functions as well as participated in talent pageants/competitions before, so I am, more or less, already aware of their abilities. More importantly, the company will help them build a professional image that suits their style of music so their career can thrive. According to my observations, Hanh Sino currently has a very good voice; we have very high expectations for her.”

Huyen (left) & Hanh (right)

Trang Phap (left) & Huyen

Huyen & Hanh