During last Saturday night’s (Jan 23) cozy, luxurious and elegant atmosphere, Hoai Linh as one of the program’s MCs, was astonished when his name was summoned for two big awards: best comedian and best actor.

The surprise did not stop there, Nguyen Vu won the best… folk-song singer; Thanh Thao for the first time in her 15 years of singing was honored as best pop singer defeating Ho Ngoc Ha & My Tam (realllly? o.O); and even stranger singer Thanh Ngoc and choreographer Phi Long both won best ACTORS award.

Another highlight of the night was Cat Phuong‘s win; she was very emotional and speechless. Cat Phuong has been away from the drama stage for 4 years and the main motivation of her coming back is her 4-years-old son. If Hoai Linh was not there supporting her, she would’ve burst into tears onstage.

Hoai Linh & Cat Phuong

And who would think that the clever, sophisticated and determined MC Quynh Huong was lisping up a storm during her own moment of honor. Regardless, she quickly composed herself, like the professional MC she is, to show her appreciation for those that have worked hard for the victory of the “Thay Loi Muon Noi” show. In the past few years, this award always went to Thanh Bach or Quyen Linh.

MC Quynh Huong

Perhaps because of so many surprises, the audiences and artists were on their toes. For the first time, everyone got to witness Nguyen Vu yelling in joy while jumping up and down when his name was announced. He also gave Kim Xuan a big hug before sprinting onstage to receive his award for…Best folk singer. Vu was speechless and stood there like a statue until two words finally made it’s way to the mic, “Thank you”. The entire Hoa Binh theater could not help but laugh. It might’ve one of the most entertaining moments that audiences could recall from all Mai Vang award recipients.

Cam Ly & Nguyen Vu

Other main winners:

– Mr Dam won Best Balladeer

Thanh Thao & Mr. Dam

– Director Minh Vy won best song composer

– Thanh Loc won Best Director and also Most Achievements for winning 9 golden statues.Thanh Loc & Huong Giang

Ngan Khanh

Vo Viet Hung  Chi Bao

Phuong Vy performs the jazz remix of her hit ballad “Co Doi Lan”

Cam Ly & 5 Dong Ke

The annual Mai Vang Awards is a motivation for artists to work hard in contributing their works to share with viewers and the general public.

More Mai Vang feeds coming soon!