So if the Canh Dieu Vang (Golden Kite) Awards are VietNam’s answer to the Oscars, I guess we can say that the Mai Vang Awards are somewhat of our Golden Globes. Only…maybe not as fancy schmancy or flashy…schmashy (?).

In short, we’ve summarized the grand red-carpeted event down to 5 memorable categories for your  own convenience. Check it:

1. The ‘Marilyn’ do.

2. The head-turners:

Duong Truong Thien Ly: Hate the mermaid finish. Love the form fitting pick.

Ngo Thanh Van plays it safe by recycling her Clash premiere look. No one’s complaining.

Phuong Vy’s gown suited her stage performance to a tee. Lovee the classy oldschool vibe.

Thanh Thao – maybe it’s cause she’s standing next to our King of Weird Dam Vinh Hung that we finally see her glow, but no,  really…although the dress rides dangerously on the border of “plain” , we’re liking the overall simplicity.

3. The  “Oh-no-no’s”

If this was America, I’d say that Ngan Khanh’s unproportional dress looks like it came straight off of a sale rack from some last minute trip to the Prom store. The dress’s long torso makes her naturally lengthy legs look short. Girl can do better.

Mai Phuong Thuy – Ribbons & bows, silver & black,  glitter & sequins; the thing’s a vomit of indecisiveness.

Huong Giang – From the sleeves, to the sparklies, to the sheer… the dress  just scream FUGS.

For a person of Thanh Hang’s stature, this bright orange Ao Dai would’ve work if she opted out for better  hair and accessories. For example, let’s KILL the oversized hair clip and gold clutch.

4. The awkward height thing (plenty of that goin’ on).

poet Do Trung Quan & Mr. International 08 Ngo Tien Doan

Quyen Linh & Miss VN 06 Mai Phuong Thuy

comedian Minh Nhi & Le Khanh

director Crazy Dung & Thanh Hang

NSUU Thanh Loc & Huong Giang

5. The Hideous:

Phi Thanh Van looks like a tranny in blue. If that was what woman was aiming for, then consider it accomplished.

The End.

(Stay tuned to see who bagged what awards.)