…by ex-girlfriend, Thuy Tien.

In a tell-all interview, Ung Hoang Phuc had some harsh words for former ex, Thuy Tien, and also confirmed/denied rumors surrounding his current love life .

In regards to the post break-up press, the singer disclosed that it was Thuy Tien who broadcasted their brief romance. He believes that a relationship is a private matter between 2 people and would never use it for fame or publicity. The “other person”, however, did it to fulfill their own personal agenda and it wasn’t something he could stop.

The singer also reveals that at one point in time, Thuy Tien’s publicist even wanted to generate scandals regarding their relationship to boost their fame. He, of course, rejected the idea.

When asked about the circulating rumors that claims Phuc was 2-timed and later dumped for a certain soccer star name Cong Vinh, the singer said it’s completely untrue. He and Thuy Tien had broken off months prior. Afterward, she met her new love and their relationship was plastered all over the news.  He, somehow, was unfortunate enough to be dragged into it as well.

So how did the singer respond when asked about Thuy Tien’s fame, now, compared to when they were dating? “I would never resort to those types of methods to gain fame. She and Cong Vinh must have came to a mutual agreement that they would rely on each other to be famous.”

But what really broke off the couple? Apparently… Ung Hoang Phuc lives for his family. He wanted someone that he not only loves, but also loved by his family. His mom and the fam said no with an unbudging tone, so it was “bye bye Thuy Tien”.

Ung Hoang Phuc defends his actions by assuring that he’s not being calculative with his ‘love life’. It’s  just that, given his situation, he does not know what the other person’s true motives are. When he’s in a mutual loving and lasting relationship, he will announce to the press who that special someone is.

The singer currently has a new love interest in his life. She’s familiar with V-biz and is a daughter of a high ranking government official. Although he confirms that he loves a person for who they are, not because of their background. Hopefully it’ll go better  for him this time around.