Hint: They went to the Mai Vang Awards together (although we haven’t posted the couple’s pictures yet).

About 2 weeks ago on January 11th, paparazzi caught Prince Charming dining out with with a certain lady friend who, rumour has it, is actually more than a friend. Pictures of the 2 have since then been heavily circulated online and, of course, netizens were quick to identify the lucky woman–a pint-sized model/actress (Vy Vy from the TV series Nghe trà) named Thu Hang.

After hearing of the news, Vinh Thuy released his own statement to the press about the pictures and this so called “date” at the Pho/Beef Noodle stall (District 3, HCMC):

“In a friendship, things like hanging out and going to a cafe together is very normal, especially when she’s my colleague. When we hang out, it’s always with a big group of friends. But about riding together, well, because I’m a man, it’s only my responsibility to provide the transportation. My car only seats 2 so it’s rather hard to go in groups of 3, 4 to prove my innocence. (smiles)”

So I’m not exactly sure how “hanging out in large groups” and “my car only seats 2” all fit together but hey, whatever floats his boat 2-seater.

After twice being involved in such kinds of romantic rumors (first with Thuy Lam and then eventually Huynh Thanh Tuyen), the man still can’t seem to get a break.

Vinh Thuy & Thu Hang attending the Mai Vang Awards together.

And BOY. Why didn’t  you tell her she looked like a purple scaly fish? She probably would’ve appreciated the  fashion concerns.