So many awards (and weddings), so little time!

Last weekend, the annual Viet Songs Award 2009 was celebrated at the Cultural Friendship Palace with the participation of 2009’s top 15 compositions; 7 from the months are:

  1. Đồng hồ treo tường/Clock on the Wall (Nguyễn Xinh Xô)
  2. Một ngày mới/A New day (Thanh Tâm)
  3. Trả lại cho tôi/Give it Back to Me (Tinna Tình)
  4. Gánh hàng hoa/Roaming Florist (An Hiếu)
  5. Bâng khuâng/Melancholy (Sơn Thạch, Mai Lâm)
  6. Bước chân về đâu/Heading to where? (Dương Cầm)
  7. Guốc mộc/Wood Pattens (Lưu Thiên Hương).

The runner up 5 voted by the judges are :

  1. Bát cơm mẹ/Mom’s Rice Bowl (Huy Trực)
  2. Làm thần nơi nọ đứng xó nơi kia  (Lê Đăng Khoa)
  3. Những giấc mơ/Each Dream (Thanh Bình),
  4. Này đồng hoa cúc/Hey you, Field of Tulips  (Trịnh Minh Hiền)
  5. Phố thị/Town (Nguyễn Vĩnh Tiến)

…while the last 3 songs were voted by the audiences:

  1. Chào tuổi mới/Greeting a New Age (Thành Vương)
  2. La la bay lên/La La Fly (Đại Nhân – Thăng Long)
  3. Vỡ tan/Shattered (Vũ Công Nghĩa)

Besides the 15 performances’ competition, the award ceremony’s highlight was the appearance of Miss Universe Vietnam 2008 Thuy Lam and Miss World Vietnam 2009 Huong Giang. This is also the first time Thuy Lam presented herself since the wedding.

Huong Giang

Thuy Lam

Lastly, Đồng hồ treo tường – an electronic song composed by Nguyễn Xinh Xô, sung by Tùng Dương won Best Viet Song 2009. Because the composer is currently studying abroad in the States, singer Tung Duong accepted the award on his behalf. The song, which falls in the New Age and Trance genre, is about the regrets of time and the hopes that time will take away darkness and sorrows. (I have to say this sounds very depressing.)

Compared to the winners of previous years like À í a (2005), Chuông gió/Windchime (2006), Con cò/the Stork (2007), and Chênh vênh (2008), Đồng hồ treo tường/Clock on the Wall is quite unique but not as excellent. However, all 15 songs from this year are pretty much in the same level; Đồng hồ treo tường’s win is still reasonable.

Lưu Thiên Hương and Sơn Thạch are two familiar names at the Viet Songs Award. With Guốc mộc, Lưu Thiên Hương won the best song in new folk song category. The winner shared: “this is the most important award that I have got because this category is not really in my strength.”  Song writer Sơn Thạch won Best opera style song for Bâng khuâng.

The “Most Promising Young Composer” went to Thanh Binh with Nhung Giac Mo/Each Dream. This is a motivation for him to continue his passion for music because unlike others, he is deaf.

Tinna Tình’s Tra Lai Cho Em/Give it Back to Me won “Best Urban Rock Song” while Dinh Manh Ninh (M4U) was voted Favorite Singer for Vo Tan by Vu Cong Nghia.

It has been quite a year for the Viet Song Contest 2009. Although not as appealing to viewers as its first launching, hopefully they will change it up to attract more composers to showcase their skills.