And girl continues to move into the next round of the “Face of the Year” selection on the famous website on beauty pageants, Global Beauties. Impressive.

The top 15 faces are chosen by a jury of over 30 members, but Huong Giang took the lead already in the number of reader votes, accounting for 66 percent, compared to 7% for the second place face, Argentina’s Andreina.

Other outstanding contestants have also entered this next round, including Rachel Finch (Australia – the 4th contestant at Miss Universe 2009), Leah Marville (Barbados – the winner of the Sexiest Woman Alive title on Global Beauty 2009), Perla Judith Beltran (Mexico – first runner-up of Miss World 2009).

Before competing for the title, Huong Giang was voted as the “Sexiest by Popular Demand” by readers of Global Beauties. She also ranked the third in the “Sexiest Woman Alive” poll. At the Miss World 2009, she finished 12th as a “Beach Beauty,” and 2nd as “Top Model” plus entered the semi-finals.

“Face of the Year” is an annual Global Beauties poll in addition to “Miss Grand Slam” (beauty queen of beauty queens) and “Sexiest Woman Alive.” However, only contestants of the five largest beauty pageants in the world (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Tourism Queen International) can join “Miss Grand Slam” and “Sexiest Woman Alive”, while candidates for “Face of the Year” can come from national pageants.

From thousands of girls participating in national and international beauty contests, Global Beauties has chosen the best 50 faces. A 30-member jury will select the top 25, top 15, top 5 and the winner. The selection will run in the next two weeks.

The winner of last year is Jacqueline Bruno, a contestant of the Miss USA pageant. (From VietNamNet)

So I’ll admit I didn’t find her striking or beautiful at first glance but after seeing her practically everywhere in the press, she has definitely grown on me. I’ll try to make this sound as not corny as possible, but to me, there are 2 main types of “beauty”: natural beauty and spiritual beauty.  Judging from the very first pictures I’ve seen of her up until now, Huong Giang seems like the kind of girl that would fall under the 3rd type of “beauty”: when the first 2 become 1 *cringe* . Something about her exudes a very ……”nhân hậu” kind of charm…that is, when she’s not wearing strange sleeves and such..

Huong Giang at the Viet Songs Awards