Yesterday ( 27/1), the highly anticipated musical Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro/Radiant Kisess officially premiered in HCMC at  the Lotte Mart cinema to a celebrity-packed audience.  Just a week ago at the same venue, Cong Chua Teen va Nam Ngu Ho Tuong/Teen Princess and the Five Brave Generals ALSO held a star-studded premiere. Apparently large VIP gatherings for movie premieres are now one of the hottest topics.

While Teen Princess and the Five Brave Generals headlined Hieu Hien’s future wife, Radiant Kisses headlined My Tam’s attendance…with a man! We then found out that he is a camera man and also director  of many Tet movies named Nguyen Tranh.

Since Radiant Kisses is the first Vietnamese musical, especially casting mostly singers and models, it roused the curiosities of many famous singers, song writers, composers, critics, etc…Some big names include Phước Sang, Phương Thanh, Minh Hằng, Thanh Hằng, Thành Lộc, Vân Anh, Thủy Tiên, Kim Hồng, Hồng Nhung, Dustin Nguyễn, Tăng Thanh Hà, Luong Manh Hai and many more!  Due to a popular kick-off, the movie was also requested to screen in smaller cinemas of Lotte Mart while the cast of Radiant Kisses had to go around thanking the audiences…especially director “crazy” Dung who expressed his sincerest gratitude for everyone who came to support.

female leads Van Anh, Minh Hang, & Thanh Hang

actress Do Hai Yen & boyfriend

actress Kathy Uyen

Director Vu Ngoc Dang

Actor Dustin Nguyen

director Crazy Dung

singer Thuy Tien

Viet Thanh (from Unlimited rockband)

singer My Tam

rapper Tien Dat, singer Phuong Thanh

My Tam & Phuong Thanh

actor/producer Phuoc Sang

As for  Teen Princess and the Five Brave Generals, a large number of stars such as Ngo Thanh Van, Ung Hoang Phuc, Tan Beo, Yen Trang, Yen Nhi, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Hoa Mi attended the premiere. Unfortunately, the heavy downpour discouraged many viewers from attending the premiere.  In this  round, it seems like Minh Hang’s movie triumphed over Bao Thy’s due to “difference in weather”.

Phuoc Sang, Chi Tai, Hieu Hien

Fashion Star 08 Pe Sam

Robbey Le & Bao Thy

MC/actress Oc Thanh Van

Kim Thu

Ung Hoang Phuc

Fashion Star 09 Albee Ngoc Thao

Kelbin, Sam, Thien Minh, and ..woah Kelly, is that you?

Ngo Thanh Van

Hoa Mi

Khong Tu Quynh & manager