And once again, Kelly is featured as the weeping (ex-) love interest. Why is she crying this time? Fuck if we have a clue. Watch and see if ya’ll do:

Những Dòng Thư Vội Trao/Each Letter  Hastily Sent (?) (composed by Koolcheng)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

The song, though not a big fan of overly syrupy ballads, is actually not too bad with its slow yet melodic tune. The voice however, needs much shapin’ up.

As for the video.. well it opens with a “Happy Budday” song and wastes no time in flashing back to 2 years ago when the couple apparently had no problem with PDCA (public display of cutesy affections). After all the sentimental piggy back ride, chasing pigeons, and sharing fast food scenes (shot in Bangkok, Thailand), the video makes subtle transitions back to Kelly’s mysterious state of despair… The only conclusion we can come up with is… Part 2 anyone?

Check out the BTS pictures from their trip to Thailand (October):