Since her sudden & uncalled-for marriage to Nguyen Quang Minh, president of Cat Tien Sa media (also sponsor of the monthly Viet Song Awards), it seems that the (former) rising model completely withdrew from the spotlight. No longer strutting her stuff down the runway (or probably even working for that matter), most people assume that the girl must now be living the high life with 70785 osins (house workers) at her service.

Last Sunday (Jan 24th) was the first time that the press have heard of her since the wedding pictures back in October 09. At such a rare opportunity,  Ngoi Sao Online‘s paparazzi managed to snap a few candids of the controversial couple at the year-end Viet Song Awards wrapup:

Huynh Thanh Tuyen spotted with very minimal makeup.

Hubby Nguyen Quang Minh awards M4U’s Dinh Manh Ninh with the “Favorite Singer” award

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