..Back already?? It wasn’t even long enough to make it seem like she was away at all.

Upgrading to a more mature look as opposed to her “Neu” days with the “onion” hairstyle (puffy on top and a few strands down),  Dong Nhi made an impressive solo comeback (her first stage comeback was with Ngo Kien Huy at the Album Vang awards on Jan  11) as a powerful, sexy, & cold hearted…astronaut?

The attention of thousands who attended H2Teen’s last concert in Lan Anh, was first shifted to a big screen full of sparkly stars in a radiant galaxy.  From above, someone in a shimmery silver suit and mask slowly descended onto the stage behind the dancers while holding a flag that read  “H2Teen Concert KTSB” (KTSB=Khong Thu Sao Biet/How would you know if you haven’t tried it?-Coca Cola’s VietNamese slogan). Sure enough it wasn’t God. Audiences practically exploded when the melody to “30 days of love” was cut on. It was too obvious who this special mystery person was.

When the dancers slowly separated, Nu revealed herself as well as her brand new self-composition called “I’m falling in love with you“–a sequel to her huge hit single “Boi Roi/Confused“. The debut performance to this tormenting love story had fans roaring in excitement (ironic).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dong Nhi also shared: “My participation in this H2T Concert marks my official comeback so more than anyone else, I really wanted everything to be perfect and not to disappoint my fans. I wish the show will be even more successful this year, attracting more and more audiences. I also hope that everyone’s new year will be with lots of happiness, health, and love!”

Dong Nhi at Hoa Nhip Ban Tre (Jan 16)