In an interview with Zing, Trang Phap reveals that her antagonistic role (Kieu) in the new drama Ba Noi Khong An Pizza/Grandma Doesn’t Eat Pizza will interfere with newlyweds Danh Tung (Thao) & Hong Nhung (Tu)’s relationship. “Kieu has personal motives and many things up her sleeves. She’s also not very likable, but is in a way naive…it’s hard to explain. What I found interesting, though, and also difficult to portray is that Kieu has Paris Hilton’s 1-0-2 personality….In real life, I’m actually quite the opposite.”

When asked about the VietNam superstar contest (she was the runner-up after Hong Nhung, who also  happens to play  the female lead in this same drama), Trang expressed no disappointments, “Winning wasn’t my main goal.. To me, every competition has its rightful winner. Someone who has conquered the audiences–the fairest judges. I’m happy knowing that I’ve left a big impression on audiences. I think the other contestants also achieved that and they too deserve their honors.”

In other news, Grandma Doesn’t Eat Pizza actually began airing Jan 16th (not the 3rd) and has already aired a total of 6 episodes (counting today).  You can watch it here.