Transforming into a tougher stud for the currently in-production movie Giao Lo Dinh Menh/Inferno, Hua Vi Van sheds from his signature nerdy yet refined look .

Van was very happy to get the role as Kiet, which he thinks will showcase more of his acting abilities due to the character’s call for deep concentration. Kiet is a “street” type of guy in combination with  a strong personality and manly looks.

In the plot, his character will cross fates with 3 other important women: Tran Bao Son, Vu Thu Phuong and Tang Bao Quyen. Kiet’s love-rectangle complex along with Manh (Tran Bao Son)’s temporary memory loss will account  for many of the hints and clues, leading viewers to discover the film’s main content.

Hua Vi Van is known for his primary career as a model. He is also considered as a veteran in the Vietnamese Fashion Industry. After 2 years of testing the waters in music, Van halted all activities concerning the entertainment industry to reflect upon which field to further develop himself. In mid 2009, he came back with the large-scale role of Crown Prince Sam for the lengthy historical drama Tran Thu Do by director Dao Duy Phuc which will air later this year in commemoration of the 1000th yr anniversary of Thang Long (Ha Noi).