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I know we’re suppose to know everyone and everything that goes on in Vpop (or  at least pretend so) but someone tell me who this J.Lee guy is and what exactly is his significance in Ung Dai Ve‘s “Ice step“. I’ve given the clip a good 10 replays before concluding that I haven’t a clue. Like really.. boy didn’t even much say anything besides…”Let me, let me, let me tell yuh gurr”. With a few howls and head bobs,  his name gets to be plastered on all of the teaser posters as well as the MV’s official release?

Ung Dai Ve, next time you need a howling head bobber, HOLLER. My squat’s pretty sick, too.

In other news, Ung Dai Ve is now under contract with 454 Life Entertainment–a US-based company whose  investment is from a global fund. After the release of his comeback single “Ice Step” yesterday via the online music portal, Zing, UDV will be holding an offline FC session to promote his new single. Singers Thu Thuy, Ung Hoang Phuc, & Thanh Thao, as well as howler rapper J.Lee will also attend the event on Feb, 7th. Even GMC (UDV’s old group) will temporarily reunite to come & show their former member some brotherly love.