Yes, the NTV virus (for those familiar with her musical stage name) is celebrating the release of her 2009 action flick Clash aka Bay Rong.

In a candid interview with Zing, Van shares her feelings about acting and her goals for 2010. Amongst the scandals that surrounded her affair with Actor Johnny Nguyen, no word defines her better than  “ambition”.

Being so successful in the film industry, did that make you abandon music?

In singing,  I have released four album as well as NTV Virus and branching into acting is not a surprising turn since I have been involved with both singing and acting at an early stage.  However, the turning point for me was The Rebel which changed my life–the sudden fame and receiving the Gold Lotus Award for Best Actress. Because of this, I want to work harder to turn a dream that I thought was unachievable become reality. I would have to say that I believe my true passion is expressed in acting not singing.

You mention that the NTV Virus is a brand in a business sense.  Can you place a price on this brand?

Naming a price on NTV, I will have to say it is priceless to me. Many young fans may not know of NTV but it is a dream that I have accomplished as a singer and being able to do charity work like building homes for the poor at Tra Vinh, my hometown and beginning to manage my own talent agency, these are all made possible through my first step in  music.

Since your recent fame, many people criticized that this is short lived. There are many attributes that made this possible because you have the looks, is a good performer on stage as well as onscreen. However, there is no depth in your acting.  How do you feel about this?

As any star, our craft is to entertain the fans and audiences.This is an image I am continually refining and with that the brand Virus, an infection of happiness to people.

Although the criticisms about my acting has no depth, I have to believe that the Lotus Gold Award is given because there is depth beyond the fighting scenes as  Thúy  in The Rebel.

I believe such an assessment is one that does not have a true understanding of what it takes to be an actress or actor. In a character, you must immerse yourself and adapt the character to make it alive on scene whether in both appearance and emotions. In that, I believed I have delivered my character and bring her alive to the audience.

In this aspect, how do you feel in managing both a company and acting?

In this case, I must say to let it naturally take course whether in acting or business management. The Vietnamese’s film industry is still at it’s early stage and there are not as many opportunities to improve the acting craft. Therefore, it is hard to gauge if I will not be able to manage both side. I’m not ashamed the title of  “Marketing Star.”

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