To spice up its second season, singer Noo Phuoc Thinh has been invited to guest-star in the teen TV sitcom, Bo Tu 10A8/The Four of Class 10a8.

After the first season’s airing of many interesting and humorous stories, Bo Tu 10A8 ended the year with high viewership ratings despite its more controversial kickoff. This motivated the producers (Smart Media/SMJ) to follow up with a second season running approximately 130 episodes long. However, the sitcom will return with a full makeover under a different director, Đào Thanh Hưng, instead of Hoàng Điệp. With a new director, new team, and new characters,  Bo Tu 108 will also make its comeback with a clearer, revised slogan:

“School is not just about learning….but about learning ALOT. (implied to mean that you’re learning other life lessons as well instead of reading books 24/7)”    ….as opposed to the more misleading slogan which practically raised hell last summer:  “School is not just about studying”.

In the second season, Lala and her family will be the main focus of the plot instead of Phan Linh. Lala lives with her dad, a pilot who is always away for work, and her mom, a beautiful and graceful fashion designer–the biggest influence on Lala’s passion for fashion, in a beautiful villa. She also has a foreign cousin named Eric (17 years old) who recently  returned from America. Eric is quite ignorant of his culture and tends to ask many silly questions. She also has another annoying younger cousin named Lolo (10 years old) who is very naughty. These two new characters will replace Dodo from the first season as the sitcom’s primary source of laughter.

Lala will, of course, still hang out with  her two best friends Phan Linh and Mai Lam. However, one new character will enter the scene to complete the new “Bo Tu 10A8/The 4 of class 10A8”. Her name is Phuong Ly and she will be transferring into class 10A8 beginning second semester. She is a strong girl who lives for others, yet does not mix well with others. She has a mysterious family and details about her will gradually unveil throughout the show. Phuong Ly is said to be especially talented and a perfect addition to the four of 10A8.

Furthermore, all future invitees are young idols who have been active in the entertainment industry. The first revealed guest star to have a quick cameo will be Noo Phuoc Thinh.

Xuan (Ha Dieu My), Mai Lam (Duong Duong), Lala (Mai Chi) at a recent press conference for the launch of Season 2.

Mai Lam, Lala, & Phan Linh (Thuy Anh)

Hong My (Ngoc Phuong)

In addition, the official soundtrack album featuring ten of the sitcom’s most popular songs was released nationwide on Feb. 2.  Popular northern artists like Miss underground diva Thuy Chi & Vietnam Idol finalist Hai Yen as well as famous musicians Nguyen Duc Cuong (composer of Em Trong Mat Toi/You in my Eyes) and Tang Nhat Tue (Nhu Binh Minh Bat Dau/Like the Rising of Dawn) also took part in/helped with the OST.

Thuy Chi

Tang Nhat Tue & his group Bien Tau (ver. 2)