The economy sucks so Miss Chanh will be killing for a few extra bucks.

Just kidding.

But the economy does suck and she will be making some an actress, that is.

In an interview with HoaHocTro Online on her plans for the coming Year of the Tiger, Phuong Thanh reveals that she will be partaking in 2 different TV series next year–one of which will have her play an assassin (…of all things. Lol). But of course, anything with Phuong Thanh will certainly be an interesting watch. Not to mention a humorous one.  She did afterall mention that the series will have its comedy aspects….I know what you’re thinking…assassin+ humor, how does that work? Well… We’ll have to wait and see.

Following the success of her year-end top hits collection,“Best of Tinh 2010”, Miss Chanh is currently in the process of yet another album due sometime …soon? The album will also contain her new hit “Tuoi Dan/Year of the Tiger” which made it’s debut at the H2Teen Spring Gift Concert in Lan Anh just a few weeks ago.

Phuong Thanh at H2Teen

Phuong Thanh’s Tet greetings to Dan Ong/Men Online: