With Tet coming and all, it seems like everyone is busying themselves with some good ole charity work to welcome in the New Year.

Last week, singer My Tam hauled her charity foundation out to Can Tho to spread some holiday lovin’ to 200 families who are experiencing economic hardships with bags and bags rice/Tet gifts. As one the most celebrated star in Vpop, her consistent philanthropy ways also encouraged fans, civilians, and even the annoying reporters who initially only tagged alongĀ  for a scoop, to voluntarily lend a helping hand. What can we say? Her influence is HUGE.

Looking very casual & humble in a khaki blouse and jeans, Tam and her adoring FC, as well as actor Nguyen Van Tung (the FILF–father I’d like to f….jk, but he is finee for his age– from Suddenly I Want Cry & Ngoi Nha hanh Phuc) put some muscles to work for a good cause.

actor Nguyen Van Tung

Picture creds: Hizo