Hotgirl turned actress Midu, now 21, is also a wedded goner. And the groom whom most of us have already been acquainted with is none other than Tuan Tu, the VietNamese Pat Sajak (Tuan Tu is the host for the VietNamese version of “Wheel of Fortune”).

In an interview with the MC/actor regarding his liplock with our former Miss HotVteen (her claim to fame pageant) in Co Nang Toc Roi/Messy Haired Girl, Tuan Tu was asked to comment on their many kissing scenes:  “It’s hard to begin with because Midu wasn’t professionally trained therefore she doesn’t know how to mimic the effect. However, it’s still complicated anyway because audiences today want things extremely realistic…so in those scenes, we just close our eyes and go for it. After the kiss, we blush and avoid eye contact. *smiles*”

When asked about Midu’s acting, Tu responded, “Although Midu isn’t a legit actress, she has a natural talent for acting as well as the physical looks. Honestly, I really respect people like her because they can cry and laugh onscreen through their own feelings instead of the know-hows from a certain prestigious acting school.”

More stills from the 110-episode long melodrama:

Messy Haired Girl meets I Dream of Jeannie?

Messy Haired Girl meets Pirates of the Caribbean???