Has hell frozen over yet?

Also from her movie Teen Princess and the 5 Brave Generals, another OST track has been revealed and like Anh Mat Am Ap/Warm Gaze“, “Lật lại kí ức/Turning Back Memories” is yet another self composition by the infamous Queen of Covers.

“This song came to me very unexpectedly. At first, I was just humming a random tune and after thinking it sounded good, I recorded it with my cellphone. I then wrote the lyrics to it and quickly consulted musician Nguyen Hai Phong to see what he thought. He praised it so we went ahead and arranged the music. A lot of my feelings went into this track. It describes my feelings well and also the feelings of anyone else who often reminisce past relationships.”

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In other news, Phuoc Sang‘s Teen Princess & The  5 Brave Generals, which officially began screening in 3 major cities (HCMC, Da Nang, & Ha Noi) since February 4th, generated a whopping 5 billion VND in ticket sales from just its first week in theaters. Approximately 50000 tickets have been sold; 36000 of which came solely from HCMC. In addition, Lê Việt Hùng, the manager of  Thăng Long theatre in HCMC, revealed that the movie attracted the most viewers compared to the other 3 Tet features. Now that the Avatar wave in Viet Nam is coming to a calm, Da Nang’s Megastar Cinplex has completely stopped screening Avatar, while putting Teen Princess &  The 5 Brave Generals on the pedestal with 14 screenings per day instead of the initial 7.

Many stars including Lam Trường, Quyền Linh, Hải Yến Idol, Ngo Thanh Van, etc…have  even praised the film for its overall plot & comedy.

In response to the positive feedback, comedian Hoai Linh who plays one of the 5 bodyguards in the movie expressed, “The film’s success is made possible through everyone’s satisfaction–from the crew, to the producers, to the actors/actresses and the audiences. Personally, this is my favorite comedy flick up to date.” So if it really managed to live up to its hype (so far), we can assume that he’s not just saying that because he’s in it… right?