Interesting New Year resolution…

In response to HoaHocTro‘s “what are your plans for 2010?”, Chi Thien (like everyone else) wants to improve his overall image in the industry. The boy then admits that “training to become healthier will be hardest because … I’m too scrawny”. Admittance is always a good first step.

He also reveals that this year, his company, V.T.E., will risk shifting his image to something edgier yet paralleling the character he played in last year’s Tet flick Hot Kiss 2.

So I’m imagining a buff reaper holding a microphone instead of a scythe. Yea…no.

In addition, Mister Reaper will even release an actual single later on in the year to mark the new concept.

All I can say is, skinny jeans just wouldn’t look the same on built legs, that’s for sure.

We’ll miss those chopsticks, too.

Check out his latest digital hit called “Ngay hom Qua Tinh Ngu Quen/Yesterday Love Overslept” composed by Phuc Truong.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And the hit before that, “Ngay Moi/A New Day” composed by fellow company member, Hoa Mi:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Despite the overly mediocre mainstream voice, we’ll give it to him for knowing how to crank out those consecutive hits..