This is not any new news but it has been quite a controversial matter between underground and overground audiences since Chi Thien launched the remix of the popular underground hit “De Anh Duoc Yeu/ Let me love you“.

The song was originally composed by Big Daddy, Shadow P and rapper Andree; Then Chi Thien & co. probably heard it online and bought it. Because underground fans love the original version so much, they still do not approve of Chi Thien’s version and called him a stealer for taking the song  and giving credits to some random guy named Tran Vu. However, Tran Vu is actually Big Daddy’s real name. Woah, double-take? Last year, Noo Phuoc Thinh was also wrongly charged when underground fans accused him of stealing Shady Stone‘s 100% Yeu Em” and crediting a random Bao Thach, when instead, they were actually the same person.

Anyhow it is quite a messy scene for Viet showbiz since many do not take copyrighting seriously; the underground artists are feeling unappreciated and the overground artists are labeled “stealers”. Let’s hear both versions and see which one we like better?

Chi Thien

Andree Right Hand ft Big Daddy & Shadow Phuong  (clean version)