When the song “Da Nau/Tan Skin” was first publicly released on the TV talk show “Suc Song Moi” (and probably also the last time), viewers were left stunned.

Before her performance, Phương Trinh (Phi Thanh Van) from the drama “Cô gái xấu xí/Ugly Betty (Vietnamese adaption)”  mentioned, “I want to be an innovator for the generation of singers who carries a strong voice backed with strong choreography.” Just like what she said, “Da Nau/Tan Skin” was given a very “strong” performance.  The song is very compact; have you counted how many words it has? 13! This is definitely less work for her to memorize the lyrics as well as  singing it… especially when singing it live. I guess this is how she can perform it so strongly without lip-syncing.

It doesn’t stop there, she also “impressed” audiences with her thin voice, no high, no low, simply monotone over a rap verse pre-recorded in the background music.

Besides the “impressive” lyrics and vocals, the audience was blown away by the  morning-exercise choreography. Singer and dancers both looked exhausted, from the face expressions to the body movements.  That performance sure was a “good” kickoff for her singing career.

Because the song was just too special, NSƯT Thành Lộc couldn’t resist following it up with his own version for the comedy skit “Ngay xua ngay xua/Once upon a time“. In the scene, he replaced Phi Thanh Van’s “Da Nau/Tan skin” line with the more befitting words “Da Trau/Ox’s Skin“. Make sure you watch! It’s definitely worth the laughs!