It’s coming “eventually”.

That’s what we last heard from her.

Except now, instead of a physical hard disk debut, she opted to ride the “Online Album” bandwagon. The album was revealed to have been completed last year before Dong Nhi’s break, but because she did not want to make her short hiatus seem like a cheap PR stunt for the album, Dong Nhi chose not to release it then and waited until after Tet. In addition, the CDs will first be distributed (FOR FREE) to only close friends and fans (hook us up, much?) and afterwards, officially hit virtual shelves on online music portals.

Anyway, ever wondered how Dong Nhi and Dang Phuong, her manager & the person that launched her, met?  Here’s the very detailed story from both parties. It’s quite hilarious:

In short, Dang Phuong cheated the poor girl out of her 800,000 VND. It was chemistry at first scam.