The product of Pham Anh Khoa & Luong Bang Quang‘s unpublicized cross breeding  is now officially marked for the new year.

No they did not really breed, -_- I just think he kind of looks and sounds like them.

The short demo followed by some teasers, followed by a full track and finally followed by the actual video,  all appeared online about 3 days before Valentine’s Day. And yet, the song’s title & overall (depressing) theme couldn’t be any less complimentary to  such a romantic occasion: “Valentine Co Don/Lonely Valentine’s”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Bui Quoc Minh (born Nov. 13, 1988), nicknamed Min Xu` for his naturally frizzy curls,  first officially made way into showbiz 3 years ago when his strong vocals earned him the YAN Idol 2007 title. After a relatively quiet aftermath, he then  participated in other music gameshows & competitions like “Tim Sao/Finding Stars” and HTV7’s “Nốt nhạc ngôi sao/Star’s Notes”. September of last year, he was also discovered by 1muzik Viettel to feature in their ringback tones.