Wait, let me rephrase that.

Duong Khac Linh (who’s now an independent producer with his own company instead of Music Faces) and Thanh Bui will team up?


Earlier this month, a random photo of Duong Khac Linh, aka GremLinh, and an equally talented fellow composer, Thanh Bui, was uploaded onto Duong Khac Linh’s facebook. Speculations of a great collaboration suddenly arose to which was  soon confirmed by Thanh Bui’s Facebook status : “(February 5 at 8:43pm) IAA Sydney set up … Vietnam next stop, shooting Video with …. wanna guesss???”

The following sneak-peeks later revealed within the past few days should just about answer that question:

Behind the scene photo revealed today via Gremlinh's Facebook

According to Bui’s Facebook (Christ, I’m such a creeper), filming for the Music Video of his debut single in VietNam  has finally wrapped up and it will feature none other than miss Ho Ngoc Ha. Surprise surprise. Surprised?