Who knew 5 guys in slick outfits singing about their love for fried chicken could raise so much uproar?

Netizens these days intimidate the shit out of us. No lie. Either the new generation of fangirls are getting more and more immature or people nowadays just love conflict. Aside from all of the hate comments on Youtube, over dramatic teenybopper fans even took the time out to create ANTI-KFC videos to show their discontent. Now that’s commitment.

In a recent interview with Zing, Nam Cuong, Music Box’s singer of the big cafe-genre (coined by yours truly) hit  “Bay giữa ngân hà/Flying midst the Galaxy”, was asked about his role in the previous  KFC commercial which people highly thought paralleled a certain boy band member named Seung Ri. Well doesn’t the name just ring a bell?

“When shooting, we only did what the foreign directors/crew told us.” Cuong said. “For a commercial that airs only about a few seconds long, we had to work 24 hours straight without breaks.”

He was surprised at the number of comments claiming they “copied”  the infamous Backstreet Boys and a popular Korean boyband named Big Bang.

“I’ve heard of the name ‘Big Bang’ before but I have no idea who ‘Seung Ri’ is. After receiving those virtual attacks, I searched his name online and also came across Justin Timberlake’s fans arguing over this Korean singer’s Sexy Back cover. I think whether good or bad, comparisons are very normal and bound to happen. Just take things a little lighter!”

He also added, “Each song has it’s own listeners much less each singer…Sometimes, when fans see 2 singers with the same music genre and style, they will even assume that the 2 are each other’s opponent. Afterwards, everything becomes fan-generated.. FC’s start fighting and…many times I don’t even understand why they’re attacking me!”